Tropical Battery Company Limited


Tropical Battery’s mission is to provide the Caribbean with quality automotive consumer products at reasonable prices. In order to do this, we must offer suppliers and customers a meaningful relationship that creates value and income for their businesses. Once we are able to fulfill this goal, we will be able to satisfy the needs of our employees, shareholders, and stakeholders.

Core Values


Tropical Battery is continuously guided by the principle of doing what is right. We treat all employees, customers, and other stakeholders with openness and honesty. The company strives to be socially and environmentally responsible at all times.


Tropical Battery aims to supply the best quality products to the markets and customers it serves. We constantly work with our suppliers to ensure the highest levels of quality are maintained at all times. It is also a continuous process working with our suppliers to ensure products are updated in accordance with technological and industry advancements.

Customer Focus

Tropical Battery is a customer centric companyr. Our goal is to exceed our customers needs and anticipate their future needs so we can plan for them in advance. We apply our technical expertise and know how to give our customers the best support possible.


Growth is a key part of our company’s strategy in order to create advancement opportunities for our employees and build a foundation for meaningful relationships between the company, its suppliers and customers


Tropical Battery Co. Ltd. was founded in 1950 by Tex Williams, an American businessman. In 1967, Tropical Battery was purchased by the Melville family, who are still the owners today. Tropical Battery originally started as a manufacturer of lead acid storage batteries.

In the early 1990’s, Tropical Battery changed its business model from being a manufacturer to an importing and distribution company. Today, the company’s core business continues to be sales of automotive batteries but is now complimented by the distribution of several local and world renowned automotive consumer product brands

In recent years, Tropical Battery has seen renewed growth as a new generation of management aggressively seeks to establish Tropical Battery as the dominant force in automotive service parts distribution in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

Tropical Battery’s headquarters is located in Kingston, Jamaica with distribution centres located in Kingston and Montego Bay to serve the Jamaican market. These support the company’s six retail stores and hundreds of Tropical Battery authorized dealers across Jamaica.

In its newest foray, Tropical Battery is expanding the offering of its products to the wider Caribbean using Jamaica’s world class transshipment facilities.

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