Tropical Battery Company Limited
Fleet and Industrial


Tropical Battery offers products and services to the Industrial and Fleet business sector through our Industrial and Fleet Department. Tropical Battery is known primarily for automotive batteries, but due to the special requirements for Industrial and Fleet customers, we have a department that caters just to them. Our expertly trained team can offer you the best service for your industrial and deep cycle battery needs. Our line of batteries are designed to give the best performance and life span possible.
We are committed to quality and our industrial line is no different. Our knowledge of batteries and our consistent quality in customer service is over sixty years old.
Therefore, simply put, we know batteries...

A wide range of applications are covered and chances are can find the right battery for the right application. We cater to UPS, Forklift, Marine, Security Systems and Telecommunications to name a few.

Tropical Battery understands the critical needs of our customers and so readily can perform onsite repairs and/or replacements, this means that we will come to you and not only perform repairs but if we must leave with your battery we will find a temporary fit to keep your operations running.


Heavy Machinery


Uninterrupted Power S
upply (UPS)


Security Systems


For More information, please contact our Fleet, Industrial and Technical Representative. Tel: 876-923-6231-3

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