Tropical Battery to Begin Collecting Lithium Batteries for Recycling in 2022

Tropical Battery Company Limited (JSE:TROPICAL), Jamaica’s leading supplier of energy storage solutions for the automotive market since 1950, will begin collecting spent lithium batteries for recycling in early 2022. The St. Andrew-based company is securing the requisite certifications and will export the spent lithium batteries from consumer electronics and electric vehicles to be recycled by a leading international recycling partner that recovers 95% of the elements for sale back to global battery manufacturers. Tropical Battery is responding to the need for an environmentally friendly end-of-life solution for lithium batteries, building on its legacy as the leading exporter of spent automotive batteries for recycling. The growing popularity of lithium-based energy storage solutions in renewable energy systems, and the emergence of an electric mobility ecosystem in Jamaica demand action to align Jamaica with the cyclical economy of tomorrow. “It’s critical that we have an end-of-life solution in place for the lithium batteries in these next generation renewable energy systems and electric vehicles,” commented Tropical Battery Managing Director Alexander Melville. Tropical Battery will collect spent lithium batteries in specialized receptacles at all its six locations across Jamaica. The company is encouraging members of the public to play their part by bringing in spent lithium batteries for recycling and is offering a 5% discount on in-store-store purchases to customers who do. “We all have a responsibility to consider the environmental impacts of our behavior and our business activities. Tropical Battery’s move into the collection of spent lithium batteries reinforces the company’s longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship and the preservation of Jamaica’s natural heritage,” Melville added.