Tropical Battery incorporates US subsidiary

Tropical Battery Company Limited (Tropical) has incorporated a new US-based subsidiary, Tropical Battery USA, LLC, to help with pushing the company's growth plans in the North American market.
The newly formed subsidiary, the company said, was established to serve as a key platform which will grant it access to online marketplaces such as e-commerce giant Amazon, with which it now has a fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) account.
Managing director of Tropical Alexander Melville told the Jamaica Observer on Tuesday that the shipment of its products across the US and to other large markets such as Canada and Mexico, which Amazon services, is expected to begin by September towards the end of the year.
"Amazon has warehouses all over the US, so we will be shipping some of our products to them and they will do the fulfilment for us. We view this as a very cost-effective strategy which allows us, at just a small commission charge, to take advantage of existing.....................